Grandfather Clock Repair

We Service, Repair and Restore all types of Clocks

Our experienced grandfather clock repairman can service and repair any clock from lecoultre Atmos, Trend, Sligh, Antique, Seth Thomas, Heschede, Ridgeway, Emperor, Colonial, Hermle, Urgos, Javch, Anniversary, 400 day clock, Thousand day clock, Berchmark, Antique French, German Clock, Schacz & Sons, Gustav Becker, Hamilton, Heco, Kieninger, Koma, Kundo, Wall Clock Chiming Clocks, Desk Clocks, Mantle Clocks, Striking Clocks, Gandmother, Grandfather, Grand Daughter, Floor Clocks, Ansonia, Gazo, Coo Coo clocks to HOWARD MILLER clocks.

Antique Clock Repair

We restore, service, and repair all antique clocks including but not limited to

Big Clock? No Problem

No clock is too big for Sarasota Watch Company We’ll come to you.
We have been repairing, servicing, and restoring antique clocks for almost 30 years.

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